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I make and sell Ukrainian Easter Eggs.  I buy my eggs from a supplier who lives near Adrian, ND.  The eggs are washed and drained and then I use a wax and dye process that dates back thousands of years.  The dyes were traditionally made from grasses, vegetables, bark and berries. The dyes I use are powders mixed with water and vinegar.  I use the traditional tools to draw the designs on the eggs, beeswax from a local apiary (Buffalo City Bees) is used on the eggs as well as in the candles I use to heat my tool (Kistka).    I sell most of my eggs up to Easter, but there are some people who enjoy my eggs as gifts for friends throughout the year.   My eggs come in a gift box with a stand and a copy of a brochure explaining the significance of the colors and symbols.

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E. Mary Waagen

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I have been making these eggs for about 25 years as a hobby.  I retired from my full time job last summer and am now focusing on developing Mary's Eggs as my business.  I sell my eggs in person at vendor shows here in Jamestown.   I also have my website with a catalog of available eggs.  

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