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Marlene Norris has a master’s degree in education with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and a master’s degree from the University of North Dakota.  In addition to her years of professional teaching, she has given 73 professional speeches to high school English classes within a four-state area about various kinds of writing.  Marlene enjoys bicycling and lives with her husband, Roger, in Wilton, North Dakota.

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Marlene Norris

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Over the years, Marlene Norris has published books, sheet music and musical CDs.  Her latest books, include a children's book in verses that rhyme and a book of poetry geared for junior high on up.

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Memories & Imagination
A variety of new-millennium poetry
For the general public to enjoy
That rhymes in a rhythmic fashion,
While telling about
Animals, bakers, cowboys,
Bike rides, comedians,
And more!

A book geared for Junior High on up by Marlene Norris

Your Way Bakery
A staff of happy baking pros
With perfect work that always shows!
Writing  and  artwork  by  Marlene  Norris
Imagine a bakery
Where you could bring in
A treasured recipe
And have it custom-prepared!
Here’s an invention for such a bakery
Just waiting to happen—-
A future creation told about
In an intro for our time
And in verses that rhyme!

This is a book for elementary/primary grade levels.