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Kindak Co sells cold processed soap from grandmas classic recipe. All products are made in the cold process way with lye and a variety of fats and oils. Some products are condisered naturall with not artifical fragnecess just essential oils for scents. Other porducts use fragence oils to prvide a wide variety of products. 

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Sarah Kinden

305 2nd Ave NE
Garrison, ND 58540

Phone Number: (701) 720-5211

Cell Phone Number: (701) 720-7978


History: Kindak Co started in a kitchen in Garrison, ND in 2017 and has now expanded to a large home based opertation in Garrison, ND. Currently cold processed soap is the only product offered, but in the future we hope to add more produts.
Member Since: 02/11/2018

Cold Process Soap
Cold process soap homemade in Garrison, ND. I use my grandma's tried and true 40 year old recipe, and have altered it a bit. Some of the ingredients I use are Coconut oil, Shea butter, Palm oil, oilve oil and food grade lye. It comes in a variety of scents including all natural, unscented, and even shampoo bars for dogs! This soap full of moisture and great for sensitive skin types.

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