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Kidderbug Kreations is about more than just giving a gift, it’s about giving your loved ones a moment they won’t forget. It’s about connecting with family and friends in a meaningful way and expressing your love through thoughtful gifts. That’s why we specialize in unique handcrafted sewn and embroidered gifts that are unlike anything you’ll find in a store.

 Whether you’re looking for personalized baby gifts, memory bears made from the clothing of a loved one, or the perfect gift for someone special, Kidderbug Kreations helps you deliver more than just a gift. We help you celebrate memories in every moment.



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Anne Kidder

2617 39th Ave S
Fargo, ND 58104-7026

Phone Number: (701) 428-2070



Finding meaningful, personalized gifts for people is always a struggle. I started Kidderbug Kreations in 2014 because I wanted to create beautiful, useful items for people to give their loved ones that would be different from the mass-produced gifts you can buy anywhere.  I learned how to sew from my grandmother when I was young and picked up embroidering over the years, so I have always enjoyed making gifts for people.  Discovering new ways to use my skills to bring joy to others has been an incredible journey.

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