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We design, build, and paint metal flowers and artwork creations.  We are a family operation that does this on the side of our regular jobs.  Aaron Roberts (Dad), does the manufacturing engineering and powder coating, Lori Roberts (Mom) does the sales & marketing along with forming and welding operations, Jacob Roberts (son) does the artwork designs and fab work.  Our regular jobs are mechanical/quality engineer, kindergarten teacher, and machinist respectively.

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Aaron Roberts

3117 Highway 20
Jamestown, ND 58401

Phone Number: (701) 269-2920


Jacob developed his initial creations while he was still in high school in 2021.  It took him several hours to fab and finish a single metal flower.  When sharing with friends and family, they were very impressed and encouraged him to build and sell them.  Using this initial input, Aaron, Lori, and Jacob developed a sales and marketing strategy to define an acceptable price point and overall product line.  Aaron worked with Jacob to incorporate several lean manufacturing concepts and performed several time studies to evaluate the feasability of a larger scale production scheme.  Once we convinced ourselves of the feasability, we came up with a trade name and registered it with the state and began to attend craft fairs in 2023.  We are looking to grow our business through increased participation in craft fairs and other marketing schemes to increase distribution throughout the lower 48.

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