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We offer organic goat milk scented/unscented homemade soaps, and bath bombs which are so nourishing to the skin. These products are made with love, organic and natural ingredients, and free from chemicals; parabens and sodium lauryl sulfates. Also, free of preservatives and additives or synthetics and dyes. 

Never tested on animals. The bar soap provides many benefits including the rich and gentle cleansing effects, which may improve skin conditions and is a natural skin exfoliant. The gentle formula is safe for all ages and skin types. The bar soap leaves your skin feeling clean and moisturized. The scented bars will open senses of relaxation, or energize; which assist your body in cleansing and also, pampering your largest organ; your skin. 

The bath bombs are mixed with dry and wet ingredients and are free of chemicals; parabens, and sodium lauryl sulfates. No preservatives, additives, or synthetics and dyes.  No testing on animals. The bath bombs are infused with organic flower petals, and organic essential oils which assist your senses in feeding your soul.  

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Doris Driscoll

1425 South Columbia Road, Suite 3 * Use North Door
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Doris Driscoll, CCT. CLDT. CEET.  Owner/CEO of the Holistic Hub which opened May 2016.  My business was a dream and that dream came true through a health challenge which turned into many blessings to help out myself and many people.  We offer a holistic model here at the Holistic Hub, at  4575  32nd Ave. S., Suite 3, Grand Forks, ND. 58201. www.holistichubgf.com / Stop by or call Doris at 218-791-9103. 


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