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We are Kelly and DeAnna Lozensky, grain growers in central ND.  We started Guardian Grains,LLC in order to direct market our grains, grown using soil care priciples; to customers, restuarants, bakeries and retailers.  We have expanded our business to offer fresh, stone milled flour  from our ancient wheat varieties and an artisan whole wheat pasta to help meet the growing demand of our customers.  When customers use their buying dollar to support Guardian Grains, they are supporting their  own health and the health of our Earth. Pasta and flour with: Nutrition You Can See©http://www.guardiangrains.com

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DeAnna Lozensky

21905 13 th st se
Max, ND 58759

Phone Number: (701) 833-5019



We felt a calling to focus on soil health in 2013 when we discovered regenerative farming practices.  It has taken us several years to remove seed treatments, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers from our farming system.  By doing this we are able to produce grains with all of the biological nutrition of our soil.  Grains grown using soil care priciples can offer benefits to our earth and human health.  In 2020, we began selling grain directly to customers and are expanding our offerings to fresh, stone-milled flour and artisan pasta

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