Gourmet Vanillas ā€˜nā€™ Spice And DD Inspired Creations

Gourmet Vanillas, Extracts, Spice Blends from around the world. Also Rooibos teas. 

And bling for your plants, Flower picks for plant pots, and cut flower vases. Along with beaded items such as Charcuterie sets, fun and fancy pens, Jewelry with real gemstones and crystals, and much more. 

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Debbie Dennison

3416 Thunderbird Lane
BIsmarck, ND 58503

Phone Number: (701) 315-0153

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Our 3rd year at Pride of Dakota and in business.

Member Since: 08/24/2021

Extract Flavorings

I currently have 78 flavors from fruits, nuts, spices, veggies used in place of vanilla extract in baking, sauces, stews, soups, marinates, glazes, smoothies, ice cream.

Rooibos Teas

Rooibos is a naturally no caffine, many health benefits tea from South Africa.  I blend the tea into 44 flavors. 

Spice Blends

I take whole raw spices, roast them, grind them, blend them into recipes from around the world.  I have 26 spice blends.

Vanilla Extracts

I currently have vanilla extracts, I've imported vanilla beans from 29 countries or regions.  I have single fold, double and some triple fold extracts.  Also in several spirits.  And vanilla bean powder and vanilla paste.

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