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GIANT Snacks is a manufacturer of their new pistachios, pumpkin seeds, and most popularly, sunflower seeds. They select sunflower farmers with proven excellence. During the growing process, they monitor each field’s development, and at harvest, they test the quality and size of the seeds. The seeds are then processed, cleaned and roasted to perfection.

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GIANTS Kettle Roast Sweet & Salty Seeds
GIANTS Kettle Roast is one of the most exciting things to happen to sunflower seeds in decades. What is a Kettle Roasted Sunflower Seed? It is cooked with sea salt and sugar to give it a unique flavor. It has about 40% less sodium than our Original Giants and contains a hint of sweetness for a great taste. It is the perfect sunflower seed for those who like to enjoy handfuls of seeds at a time because they are easier on your mouth!

GIANTS Original Roasted & Salted
There's nothing better than the original! These big beauties are hand selected even before they are planted. We work directly with the farmers to make sure we have the best quality sunflower seed in each bag of GIANTS. We watch the seeds grow from a little seed into a beautiful sunflower before harvest and then select only the biggest and best seeds for you. They are roasted to perfection and packaged fresh.

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