MAX is a real life North Dakota artist, writer and musician! For over 10 years, Max has been dreaming up, writing and illustrating his very own art and books for kiddos around North Dakota!

Max has published 2 books - his first book is a musical adventure starring wild animals howling at the moon - it's called: "Wild & The Animal Band" - this book is a fun, interactive book that also features a CD with 5 origianal songs written just for the book!

Max's most popular book is a love letter to North Dakota! It's called - Alpha "Yeah,Sure,You" BETcha: The NoDak ABC's! A is for accordion - B is for Buffalo - C is for cropduster - H is for hotdish - J is for Josh Duhamel - U is for UFF DA... you get the idea! Explore North Dakota in every letter and every page of this lively, quirky illustrated book!

Max has just created a follow up book to the oh, so popular NoDak ABC's - count along in a fun, educational abacus of North Dakota numbers called: 1.2.3 Oh "4" Cute: The NoDak 123's. This book will be here this fall!

Max has worked all over North Dakota, making illustrations for local businesses, events and non profits such as: Norsk Hostfest, Visit Minot, Jamestown Tourism, Unglued, North Dakota Council of the Arts, Souris Valley Animal Shelter and the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation. Check out artbymaxnd.com to see all of his whimsical, North Dakota projects!

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Maxwell Patzner

701 9th St NE
Minot, ND 58703

Phone Number: (701) 833-4583

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Max Patzner has been creating art and music in North Daktoa for over a decade. In 2020 he decided to combine all of his dreams and passions into one creative venture - writing, illustrating and publishing books for kids. Max is a North Dakota kid himself, and always tries to explore themes and projects that highlight North Dakota and help kids learn about our wonderful state and embrace our quirky Nodakisms. Now, MAX makes art and books that are being sold in shops all around the state and he creates commission work for local businesses, events and non profits. Art, music, books, comissions, murals - it's all ART by MAX!

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