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Handmade Wool items out of my own wool from my farm flock of registered Corriedale, Border Leicester and Lincoln sheep.  Specialize in making 100% wool dryer balls, wool felted soap, wool wall hangings and wool rugs, and bird nesting balls and other hand crafted wool items.  We raise breeding stock available for sale as well as raw fleeces.  We are licensed to retail our own frozen fresh lamb cuts, snack sticks and country style sausage/brats. Our lamb is available for purchase at Tellmann's Market in New Salem, ND and DW Meats and Sausage in Bismarck, ND.  The snacksticks are availbale at Rud's Mobil in New Salem and Fitterer Oil in Flasher, ND.  Down Home General Store in Bismarck, ND  and Market Society in Cavalier, ND. handle our retail wool items and snacksticks.

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Joana Friesz

4465 34th St
New Salem, ND 58563

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I have been raising sheep for over 40 years.  My passion for wool has developed in the past few years.  A beautiful, versatile fiber that is hypoallergenic, free of chemicals, and has some many great purposes.  The Corriedale  sheep are sheared once a year amd the Lincolns and Border Leicesters twice a year - keeping the sheep healthy and handled with care.

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