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Duane is a childrens book author. He has published ten childrens books. They are as follows: JimJim and the Jellybean Journey, JimJim Goes to Vegas, JimJim Returns to Sylvan Lake, Sammy Puffin - Books 1,2,3, Big Bad Brad the Hummingbird, Rocky the Little Bear Cub, Goofus Galufas Goes to the Bullfrog Rodeo, and Hoo Hoo the Baby Owl. 

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Duane Ziegler

4318 Downing Street
Bismarck, ND 58504

Phone Number: (970) 470-1044



I was born and raised in Devils Lake on a farm. I started writing childrens books because my granddaughter requested stories of animals talking to one another. So I decided to start to write stories and now have ten published books. I have read my books in elementary schools, done book signings, and craft fairs. 

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