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"Designing products with passion that inspire."

This is a big statement, I know!  My passion is making t-shirts, sweatshirts, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and any accessory that I create to have a special meaning or feel to it.  I don't want to be just another accessory designer.  I want to show and teach people the meanings behind some of my pieces.  I create products that inspire because I get to know my client and I work with them to find just the right item for them.  My services with my products give people instant gratification and an instant feeling of happiness and joy.  When you feel these emotions you are able to inspire people in your path.  

I create this vision through packaging, photos and talking with clients when I have the chance.  


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Pam Emmil

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My Story....

Driven Diva Planner

Hello Driven Diva and Driven Dudes,

When you must organize family schedules, appointments, work and what's for dinner it can become overwhelming.

I designed the Driven Diva Planner initially for myself.  I am a driven person and VERY BUSY mom with two daughters and a husband.  I am sure I sound just like YOU!

In 2016 I started an ETSY store, Driven Diva Planner and sold my planner pages for people to do a single download of them. I would simply share my Etsy store on social media with my friends. I had no idea how this would have created so much buzz. 

Women from across the country and from my town of Bismarck, North Dakota started asking me to design a planner for them.  So, I did what any entrepreneur does, I listened and then I got to work! 

I have designed many custom planners for individuals and for women and men in businesses. I have designed planners for:

  • Personal coaches which they use the planner in their coaching business with their clients. 
  • Local Pastor Michael Kraemer and now pastors from all over the country have purchased and have access to this planner. 
  • Momma with 4 little ones and manages a ranch with her husband. This driven gal needs to be organized and to have her systems in place.
  • Top sales leaders of Rodan & Feilds, Beachbody, Anges and Dora, and other MLM businesses.  We designed a planner that tracks business, work and personal goals and schedules. 

I am here to work with you one-on-one or if you need them for a team.  Please look around on my website and make sure to check out the Custom Planner tab so you can see samples of the planners I have designed.  Please send me a message through my Contact Page if you would like to schedule a no-charge phone or video call to chat about how I can help you become more productive and organized.

My hope is that my clean and roomy planner will make planning fun and to help you get organized, productive and to achieve your goals.

"When you fail to plan you plan to fail."

Driven Diva Designs

Driven Diva Designs began in 2019.  My first earring designs was a black leather earring with gold vinyl hockey sticks placed on the leather earring.  Hockey moms went nuts over the simple design.  I then created basketball leather earrings for state basketball.  Again, the moms went crazy for these lightweight leather earrings. 

As a parent of an athlete I knew how special it was to have a custom design made for the sport I was cheering for.  I started making my own t-shirts with volleyball graphics on them. Mom’s and Grandma’s wanted a custom shirt for their athlete.  So, I started designing custom high school, college and professional sports t-shirts, sweatshirts, hair ties and earrings.

I also started designing leather earrings which lead to necklaces and to bracelets.  I just kept designing different jewelry pieces.  I love when I put on a new pair of earrings or a special necklace on.  The jewelry complements the outfit I am wearing.  I feel pretty and inspired and I find that I have an extra bounce in my step.  When we look good we feel good.  Well, Driven Divas, I want you to have that extra bounce and that beautiful feeling because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

I design all my jewelry and I work with people to customize jewelry that is special to them.

Currently, I have custom made:

  • Leather Keychains with special inscription on the a design.
  • Leather dog tag necklace made into a medical alert necklace mad for an older gentleman.
  • A unique car charm for the rearview mirror.
  • Numerous necklace and t-shirt designs.

My products are at an affordable price point.  I want everyone to be able to afford my jewelry and clothing line.  The quality is exceptional because so are you!

You can find pictures on my Facebook Page: @pamemmil

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