Drake Books & Media

Drake Books & Media has been doing business in the Minot area since 1994, first as an artist then as a micro publisher.

These days, DB&M is made up of three different sections:
   1. Drake Books, which publishes Sci-fi and Fantasy novels and short stories;
   2. Hidden Talent Designs, which produces custom artwork using a variety of mediums;
   3. The Purple Door, which is a metaphysical store that brings magick to the Magic City.

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Kaekilia LeoLynn

901 62nd Ave NE
Minot, ND 58703

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Member Since: 04/01/2021

The Archfiend Artifact (The AEON Files, #1)

Ever since her parents' bizarre murder, Cybil Starr has been stuck with her horrible grandmother. Now, on the cusp of her fifteenth birthday, Cybil has a new problem. Lately, new abilities have begun to manifest themselves in spectacular and bloody ways. And worse, she can't control them.

So when a vision shows her the theft of a hideous mirror, she’s not sure what to make of it. That is until a stranger saunters in with information linking the stolen artifact to Cybil's family. She learns that the "everyday" world is actually full of parathropes; inhuman and mythical creatures with powers straight out of the old legends.

And her father was one of them.

Now the prime suspect in the case, Cybil must use her unique knowledge of the crime to help find the real perpetrator or it's her head on the chopping block. And she has just three days to pull it off. No pressure...

The Bone Prophet (The AEON Files, #4)

When the mysterious Shadow-Fire Cross suddenly returns after weeks of laying low, AEON Agent Cybil “Jinx” Starr knows that sometimes a good girl has to be bad. And keeping his secret could make her wind up in AEON’s prison — or worse: dead. But that’s the least of her problems. Between a peculiar bombing, profound murders, and winning lottery tickets, AEON is left chasing their tails. The pressure is on Jinx and her still-developing psychic powers to find the connection to the crimes. No matter how hard she tries, the vicious killer always seems to be one step ahead. How can Jinx possibly hope to out-prophet the Prophet?

The Lullaby Shriek (The AEON Files, #3)

For Jinx, the AEON Agency's only teenage Shadow Demon, the summer has been a never-ending stream of nightmares and little rest. So when a fuzzy, little messenger shows up with a message from the Queen of the Banshees asking for assistance, Jinx is glad for the distraction. But the case takes a turn for the worse right off the bat and Jinx is left scrambling for answers as to how to stop a deadly Lullaby.Just when everything is spiraling out of control and it seems the Netherworld has won the war for the Mortal Realm, an unexpected ally comes to Jinx's aid, but at a steep price. And, to make things even more frustrating, Jinx is about to discover a shocking secret: a revelation that will change her life forever.

The Lycan Pharaoh (The AEON Files, #2)

Fifteen-year-old Cybil "Jinx" Starr has faced some pretty terrifying foes during the past year as an AEON agent. Shadow Demons. Poltergeists. Psychotic vampires. It comes with the territory when you’re battling against the Netherworld’s attempts to take over.But even her centuries-old, seasoned teammates never saw anything like this: A strange device of unknown origin has been unearthed in the Valley of the Kings. With its sudden appearance, events throughout history are beginning to change. And when The Lady herself has come to Jinx’s team asking for assistance on this case, it takes everyone by surprise. Even more shocking, The Lady lends them the services of one of the Firsts. But could it be him stirring up the trouble? If Jinx and the gang don’t figure it out soon, they could be erased from history all together....