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Dakota Angus, LLC. provides quality Angus beef products that consumers are looking for, from our farms to your table.  These Angus beef products have strict grading guidelines and follow the USDA grading specifications, ensuring a quality end product on the dinner plate.

We believe consumers will continue to shift their focus to more locally-grown food products. This demand to know where consumers beef comes from, provides a highly optimistic future for Dakota Angus, LLC. Our goal is to provide and market the highest quality Angus beef, while sharing the premiums with the producers of the product; a win/win for consumers and producers.

Dakota Angus, LLC is a partnership between Bruner Angus Ranch and Wendel Livestock.

Locally-sourced, home-raised, quality Angus beef

From our pastures, to your plate.

100% Angus Beef —

Available as packages, or individually by the pound, we have options for pickup and delivery.

About Our Beef

Dakota Angus beef is sourced from the pastures of Bruner Angus Ranch, Wendel Livestock, and our customers who use our genetics in their ranch operations - all of whom are local, family-run operations in the Upper Midwest. There is heart, dedication, and pride behind every beef, and in many cases, multiple generations. We are proud of our families, hard-work, and heritage, and we’re proud of the products we’re producing. We couldn’t be more excited to share what we do, with you!

Quality Grade Options

When selecting your beef products from Dakota Angus beef, we want you to decide first and foremost, what quality product you want. We only provide the best options for quality, and want to give you the opportunity to pay for what you get. This isn’t the average boxed-beef - our quality is second to none. You can compare the quality grade options available, and make your selection when adding products to your cart.

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Dakota Angus, LLC is a partnership between two ranches in North Dakota. Bruner Angus Ranch, Drake, and Wendel Livestock, LaMoure, are seedstock producers who raise yearling and two-year-old bulls, as well as replacement and bred heifers, for their customers.

With the volatility in the cattle and beef markets, we came together to take control of the price we and our customers are getting for our finished cattle. In addition, we wanted to provide a better option for consumers with the best protein source available.

Dakota Angus beef products are sourced directly from the ranches of Bruner Angus, Wendel Livestock, and our customers. They are ensured to be of the highest-quality, Angus beef delivered from our family’s operations, to your families table.

Our Mission

is to provide a high-quality Angus beef product for the consumer, while sharing the premiums with the hard-working producers of the Angus cattle.

Our Vision

is to educate consumers on the importance of beef protein in their diets, as well as the families their beef comes from.  We want to work directly with consumers so they confidently know their food is safe and reliable, and we want them to see the passion we have in raising our high-quality product.

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