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Cozy Timber Company signs are all hand-made using quality materials. We are the original double-sided sign makers of home decor. 

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Dana Melby

PO Box 11456
Williston, ND 58803

Phone Number: (701) 770-4444



Founded in 2016, I started this company after my love for interior home design and decorating started to take over more and more of my life by the day. I haven’t always been the crafting type, but my husband Josh and I have made a variety of home décor pieces that have sparked some great feedback from our friends and family over the last few years.  One weekend after going to a craft show with my mom, I came home with a single-sided sign that I just had to have.  Josh and I found ourselves continuing to discuss the sign in the days that followed……and how we thought we could make the sign better……and how well signs like that would sell. So just like that, we made one. :)

We tweaked our design a few times and made more samples. In the end, we came up with something that I was super excited about: a double-sided sign that could be used year-round! After endless debate, we finally decided to pull the trigger and try our hand at a craft show. After achieving some success at a year’s worth of shows, we even decided to start our own website.  And here we are.

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