Country Sunshine, Inc.

Country Sunshine Inc. is an S corporation started by members of our family farm for the purpose of raising hemp and selling CBD retail products developed from our hemp crop. Our Hemp is organically grown, and all of our products comply with the State and Federal maximum THC requirement of 0.3% or less. We sell online and actively participate with booths at show venues.

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James Larsgaard

4732 7th Ave. NE
Aneta, ND 58212

Phone Number: (701) 864-5053

Cell Phone Number: (701) 864-5053



While our farm started with a homestead in 1893, our company had its beginning in the fall of 2019 with just an idea. In the spring of 2020, we planted our first CBD hemp crop of 10 acres, and we also built a drying facility and a processing facility to remove stems and sticks from the biomass. After drying and processing our crop, we hired an extraction company to extract a small part of our biomass (five totes) and formulate/develop retail products that we requested.

During the winter of 2020-2021 we incorporated as "Country Sunshine, Inc."

Again in 2021 we planted hemp, and plan to continue to plant, process, extract, and formulate as needed to supply our retail sales with CBD products from our own organically grown hemp.

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