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The chief mission of Clovis House is the publishing and dissemination of books. We also do book and multimedia promotion. In terms of regional focus, we are involved in "publishing and promoting the Great American West" [the vast region that lies west of the Mississippi River in the United States].  Because we are based in North Dakota, we are especially interested in books and media projects dealing with our state and the Northern Great Plains region.   

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Timothy Kloberdanz

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Clovis House was organized and then formally approved by the State of North Dakota Secretary of State in 2012.  

Member Since: 10/23/2018

Once Upon the River Platte

Timothy J. Kloberdanz's Once Upon the River Platte is the second book published in the "Legendary Rivers of the American West Series" by Clovis House of Fargo.  This full-length novel focuses on a rather unusual environmental problem:  Wild animals are attacking people in the Platte River Valley of the Great Plains.  Federal Agent Z. Pike is sent to investigate. One of his chief suspects turns out to be an old Native American recluse.  But can the old Indian be solely responsible for a deadly environmental crisis?  

One Day on the River Red

Clovis House is a new, Fargo-based press. Its first book is a novella, One Day on the River Red. The story is about an aging widower who meets a very mysterious young woman. Is she real? Is she a ghost? Is she from another world? Read this innovative book and learn more.