Cedarworks creates custom designed, handcrafted rustic wood products for the home inside and out. We also carry a line of  doll beds ,both singles and bunks including mattresses and bedding sets.

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Jerome Dally

9141 49th St SE
Montpelier, ND 58472-9631

Phone Number: (701) 489-3554

Cell Phone Number: (701) 368-8714



Cedarworks began operating as a home-based business in 2008 and joined Pride of Dakota shortly after. We use both old and new wood - cedar as much as possible - in our handcrafted wood products. We also make and sell doll beds (both single and bunks) including bedding sets and matresses. We continually strive to add new items to our line of merchandise and delete others which have run their course. We attend many of the Pride of Dakota events across the state as well other festivals and craft shows.

Member Since: 10/01/2008

American Girl Doll Beds
Handcrafted. We carry both single and bunk beds. We also have a variety of fleece bedding sets including a comforter and 3 stuffed matching pillows. The cost of a single bed with a mattress and cover is $35; a bunk bed with mattresses and covers is $65. Including the bedding sets the price of a single is $55 and a bunk is $80.