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Supporting North Dakota Farmers & Producers.

All of our ingredients that we use in our products are grown & produced in North Dakota. All the Honey we use in Comb-Over Honeyshine and Lazy Turtle comes from Todd’s Honey Farm in Richardton, ND. The sugar comes from the Fargo area and is made from sugar beets grown in North Dakota. All our malt used in our single malt whiskey and Packing Peanuts is grown in Belfield, ND by Arrow K Farms, then is malted by Two Track Malting in Lincoln, ND.

We do our best to use 100% North Dakota grown & produced ingredients. Buying a Bottle of spirits from Bismarck Distillery supports a local craft distillery but also supports the local farmers & producers.

We have the Taste of North Dakota in all our Spirits!!

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Chris Fries

1100 Canada Ave
Bismarck, ND 58503

Phone Number: (701) 934-5065



Bismarck Distillery started in May of 2021 with a goal to bring North Dakota a spirit that is 100% North Dakota based. We use ingredients that are grown and produced in North Dakota by local farmers. 

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