Prairie Chicken LLC, DBA Big Boy

Fast Food restaurant in Bismarck, ND


We will be selling frozen pizza burgers, hot & tot syrup, seasonings, and other merchandise

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Jennifer Mathews

2511 East Main Avenue
Bismarck, ND 58501

Phone Number: (701) 220-8165



Harley McDowell opened Big Boy (Prairie Chicken LLC) in Bismarck in 1954. He created many recipes that still are available today with products he found across the country being a traveling salesman, and also our fried chicken recipe from Colonel Sanders himself, who was a close friend of McDowells. McDowell sold the Bismarck restaurants to Stan and Bonnie Rothenberger in 1978. Rothenberger was the manager of the Municipal Country Club. He was not the highest of five bids. Nonetheless, McDowell selected him for “his established reputation for honest business and quality food service.” McDowell remained on the board for seven years after the sale was finalized.

In 2017, Rothenberger sold Big Boy to Chad Wachter. Since acquiring the restaurant, Wachter has overseen several improvements. These include an easier-to-read menu board, a second drive-through exit, and also a park with multiple outdoor picnic benches for outside dining in the summer months. As a lifelong Bismarck resident and fan of Big Boy, Wachter has made sure that the recipes of your favorites have remained the same.

Other regional locations also once existed in downtown Bismarck, Fargo, Minot, Dickinson, and Medora, but the original Bismarck restaurant remains the sole survivor.

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