Bears Bliss Pit

Beras Bliss Pit is a home based crafting business that started in November of 2019. I started with one of a kind hand made gnomes and have since have been taking on custom gnomes.  I also make minky blankets, trivits, car vent clips, and plant sticks. I have also reciently took on some repurposing projects making dog beds out of wine/whiskey barrels. 


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Kara Boelke

145 Lorrain Dr
Cathay, ND 58422

Phone Number: (701) 471-2465



Bears Bliss Pit was started in Nov. of 2019 as a side gig. Perfect time to start a business right before the pandemic! It all started because of a gnome! I would see gnomes around Christmas time and just fell in love with them, they always made me smile. I was only seeing them around Christmas and not very often otherwise. So I took to the internet and found a gnome that said "coffee" on its hat and that was enought to put my mind into overdrive! What stared with Christmas gnome has now grown into every holiday, sarcasm, humor, and what ever will put a smile on your face!!!

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