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My pretzels are Seasoned and slow smoked to perfection. Born in a bar and named after my dad!

The most common reaction from people is the texture of them, not too crunchy not too soft, the perfect crunch that almost melts in your mouth. The flavor is described as unique with the perfect amount of smoke.

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Barbra Barnes

620 94th Ave SE
Courtenay, ND 58426

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Created in 2020 in a bar as a snack to serve to our customers while they drank beer. When we decided to close the doors because of the distance we lived from the bar.  After we closed, our customers would contact me for my pretzels because they couldnt stop craving them. that is when i got the idea to start making them on a bigger scale and selling them. long story short they have really become a hit and currently in the process of mass production.

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