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Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc is immediately recognizable amongst our competitors. Our Organic certification is ingrained in our business name, showcasing the phrase most understood by consumers to symbolize a better and more sustainable product. Aquaponics will proudly showcase and build recognition and educate consumers to this innovative approach to sustainable agriculture. While aquaponics is virtually unknown to the average consumer, we anticipate once they have had the ability to taste our produce, aquaponics will be recognized as a superior method to grow a wide range of vegetables Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc will connect with the lifestyle of members of our community who want the freshest and most delicious produce, care about what they put in their own body, and promote the health of their community and planet. Our goal of promoting Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc as a lifestyle choice can help our customers affirm how their purchasing decisions can positively impact the social, economic, and environmental issues they care about.  For wholesale distributors and retailers, the competitive advantages of our products include being a desirable local organic product; produce which requires less lead time for requests since vegetables grow much faster than in soil; and our ability to provide living produce they do not currently have access to. Competitive advantages for the consumer include the delicious taste of aquaponics produce, the availability of ‘living’ produce which improves the shelf life of the produce in their fridge, and the organic certification and superior sustainability of our product.

Aquaponically grown produce has been found to be much sweeter and less bitter than crops grown in soil or hydroponic solution, resulting in a significant taste advantage which is critical for repeat sales and marketability. We will seek to capitalize on this through taste tests with locally available products and if significant, prominently feature taste testing at Farmer’s Markets. While a few firms offer living butter lettuce or basil, they use hydroponic methods which are not certified organic and are not part of a larger ‘living’ product line. Many other local competitors sell organically certified produce but none using aquaponics techniques. As knowledge and demand for aquaponics produce grows, we feel the customer will seek out our products which have a longer shelf life, great taste, and are organically certified.  Our products will be priced competitively with locally available organic produce but offer the advantages of superior sustainability, taste, and shelf life.  

Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc has three distinctive competitive advantages over competitors.  They include:  

  1. Aquaponics farming reduces costs significantly by combining hydroponics and aquaculture operations. Aquaponics operations produce two product lines, thus generating two sources of revenue, fish and vegetables, compared to hydroponic and aquaculture farms producing single products.  
  2. We will have high-quality products that are difficult to get locally and only supplied seasonally.  We will also provide superior quality and freshness. 
  3. Our flexibility. We can change crops very quickly, or scale existing crops to meet demand because of the modular nature of the growing tanks.  The income that comes from the fish makes the farm less susceptible to market fluctuations than a vegetable-only farm.

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Robert Barfield

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Aquaponics is a method of food production which combines the best aspects of aquaculture and hydroponics to create a highly productive living ecosystem for sustainable agriculture.Barfield Fresh Organic Produce & Fish bring aquaponics to our local market using commercially viable strategies to grow nutritious products with the most sustainable agriculture systems available. Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc is a start-up grower and distributor of fresh fish products and high-value fresh produce, to restaurants, hotels, and individual consumers. We are located in Burlington, ND and will begin by selling to the surrounding community of Minot ND and the tri county area. 

Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc will operate an Aquaponics system, which is the process of growing fish and plants in one integrated system. Both the fish and plants work together in providing essential nutrition for an efficient recirculating system. In no way does the system harm the environment. Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc will strive to be a leading provider of fresh fish and organic vegetables farmed and cultured from the very eco-friendly, self-sustaining system Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc will raise awareness in the community, and ensure our products are readily accessible to consumers. People of all generations that eat fish and healthy veggies will find an added benefit to purchasing and eating organically grown tilapia from our controlled and balanced farming system. Not only will our fresh tilapia fish provide a high level of quality, but also the organically grown tomatoes will be fresh, crisp, chemical free, and last longer. Barfield Fresh Organic Produce and Fish, Inc will penetrate the Minot region by implementing a very structured and focused marketing plan to increase the demand of our product line- tilapia fish and a variety of organic tomatoes. The target market niche is thought to be an innovative, environmentally friendly health conscience consumer that cares deeply about nutrition and value. Growth potential is unlimited, as fish and vegetables are essential to balanced diet.

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