Art by Cherie Roshau

Art by Cherie Roshau is a small "out of the home" artisan business. My artwork medium preferences are graphite, photography, acrylic, watercolor and colored pencil. and judge’s choice in art shows in my region. Recently, my photography was featured in several national news stories (NBC, ABC, CBS, Good Morning America etc.) featuring my photos of bison in rut in the summer of 2019. It is my hope that you hear my voice through my art. I have a deep appreciation for the rich texture in nature and the colors immersed in the earth. The daily experiences that surround my life are the essence of my focus for the blank canvas. My art is a form of communication, creating ideas and feelings for the viewers. I am known for my western art notably ranching, farming, rodeo and wildlife focus.

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Cherie Roshau

711 8th Ave SW
Dickinson, ND 58601

Phone Number: (701) 290-7568

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The official history of "Art by Cherie Roshau"   was established recently, September 2020, though the building/development of my product has been a life-long experience.  After teaching art at collegiate level to elementary art for forty plus years, I have evolved into the business world of creating art through a business venue.  I offer both original paintings/drawings as well as giclee fine art prints for sale.  I have established a website at: cherieroshau.art.  

Member Since: 10/14/2020