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A North Dakota employee-owned corporation, Abrasives Inc. is the manufacturer of Black Magic Coal Slag – “The Tough Stuff” – a blast-cleaning abrasive. In addition to blast media, Abrasives offers high quality equipment and products such as protective gear, personal monitors, coatings and painting equipment.

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Heather Dziuk

4090 Highway 49
Glen Ullin, ND 58631-9742

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Company Story:

In the rolling hills of North Dakota, success is determined by how you use natural resources that surround you. In 1990, Abrasives Incorporated began as a sand company mining material from a nearby pit. The cleaned and graded material was delivered to industrial distributors throughout the Midwest.

A decade passed and in 2001 another natural opportunity came courtesy of local resources. Coal slag from neighboring lignite coal fired electrical generation plants provided a new product that was, and is, useful to the surface preparation and coatings industry. By hauling the by-product away from power plants, Abrasives Inc. recycle waste material and turns it into a highly effective and low dusting blasting material. By washing, screening and processing the slag, Abrasives Inc. is able to manufacture multiple grades of Black Magic®, also known as “The Tough Stuff” for its hardness and superior cleaning performance.

Located on rail and with easy access to interstate roadways, Abrasives Inc. utilizes multiple methods of delivery throughout the United States and Canada. Quick order turnaround and partnerships with over 100 trucking companies get Abrasives Inc.’s product where you need it, when you need it. 

Heading into its fourth decade, Abrasives Inc. is an employee owned company headquartered in Glen Ullin, North Dakota.  Abrasives has expanded with offices and warehouses in central Minnesota, western Texas and eastern New Mexico, as well as distributors throughout the West and Midwest.  

Product Story:

Black Magic® coal slag is made up of hard, angular particles that are a consistent size and weight. Because of this, it is fast cleaning and provides an excellent profile for coating adhesion. Available in multiple grades, the medium (16-40) and fine (20-40) slag products are typically most useful in surface preparation and marine coatings industries to achieve the proper profile needed. Packaging is conveniently sized and can be delivered in 25, 50 or 80 lb paper bags, jumbo cells, or bulk.

A satisfied Midwest customer had this to say about Black Magic® “We have used other products, but I get feedback from employees that they prefer working with Abrasives’ product. It is better, cuts better and it’s not as dusty.”

Black Magic® is CARB and QPL approved.

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