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VanGain Honey Essentials is a boutique style, all natural face and body product line that has been luxuriously handcrafted exclusively in the great state of North Dakota. Our products are all natural and made with raw, unfiltered North Dakota honey. We pride ourselves in the careful formulation of our all natural body products, using as many locally sourced products as possible. We also utilize regional artisans for our beautiful displays and designs. VanGain Honey Essentials: Luxuriously handcrafted in North Dakota since 2016.

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Donna Schwartz

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Member Since: 09/16/2016

Face Frosting Mask
Treat yourself to the ultimate spa like experience with VanGain Face Frosting. Our Frosting is a facial mask made with raw North Dakota honey and natural organic cocoa that smells as good as it sounds. Other ingredients include: bentonite clay, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, and castile soap. These ingredients work in tandem to refine and clarify pores and tighten skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and renewed.

Honey Sugar Scrub
Say goodbye to dull and dry legs, winter hands, abused summer feet and hello to vibrant, radiant, and smooth new skin with VanGain Honey Sugar Scrub. Our scrub is specifically designed to remove dead, flaky skin while revealing a soft, fresh layer of moisturized glowing skin. The sugar acts as the gentle exfoliating agent while the North Dakota raw honey soothes overworked hands and feet while giving all the other places you choose to scrub a lustrous effect.

Microderm Face Scrub
Rejuvenate and invigorate your skin with VanGain Honey Essentials Microderm Facial Scrub. Its gentle yet effective abrasion exfoliates skin for a fresh and revitalized feeling that will leave your face fresh, flawless, and moisturized. Our carefully formulated blend of all natural ingredients are safe for the most sensitive skin types.

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