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Our beef is fully sustained locally from start to finish. We oversee every aspect of the harvesting process right up until you cook it in your own kitchen! Once it’s harvest time, our cattle are shipped to our brand new, family owned, state of the art, USDA certified beef processing plant. Our beef is just a few miles from where the cows live so there is very little stress put on the cows. There, our beef is processed and dry aged by our hand-picked artisan butcher. We then choose the cuts that we think your family will enjoy the most. Whether you are having a big family barbeque during the summer, making a warm cozy stew during the colder months or just filling up your freezer, we believe that South Forty Beef will create wonderful meals for the people you love.

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John Roswech

7977 93 ave SW
Mott, ND 58646

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We are the Roswech family. We originate from the east coast where John was an executive in the technology world and Kim was a stay at home mom, who cared for kids, dogs and horses. About 10 years ago, we purchased land in Mott, North Dakota. We felt that we needed a quiet place to settle our busy minds and schedules. A place where the kids could ride horses in the open fields, play around on ATV’s, go fishing and have no access to cell service!! That resulted in lots of family time! Over the years, we became more and more drawn to living in the west full time. We made the decision to leave the east coast in 2018 and we couldn’t be happier! We are passionate about knowing where our food comes from. We like feeding our family healthy and sustainable food. We believe that many of you feel the same way! Bon Appetit!

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Beef Cubes

These high-quality, plump, juicy cubes of beef are perfect for any special occasion. For maximum tenderness and flavor, marinate them before skewering and grilling.

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/beef-cubes/

Beef Steak Burgers

These premium patties use only the best cuts of meat to create the ultimate steak-burger. Combining a blend of chuck, plate, and sirloin, they’re the absolute juiciest, steak-iest burgers you can buy.

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/beef-steak-burgers/

Filet Mignon

Buttery, juicy, and mild, the filet mignon is almost synonymous with luxury. Just season these steaks well before searing them in a very hot pan.

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/filet-mignon/

Ground Beef 80% Lean

Our 80% lean beef has a clean, mild flavor that’ll bring you coming back for more!

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/ground-beef-80-lean/

Ground Beef 90% Lean

Our 90% lean beef is mild in flavor and lean, making it the perfect hero for weeknight meals. 

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/ground-beef-90-lean/

Hanger Steak

Juicy and deliciously chewy, for years, the hanger steak was unavailable in the market because it was the cut that beef-loving butchers saved for their families. Because we butterfly them for you, our hanger steaks are tender and juicy enough to throw on the grill with nothing more than salt and pepper.

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/hanger-steak/

London Broil

This is the London broil you know and love - boneless, flavorful, and tender when marinated. A cut that’s thicker than most steaks but just as easy to prepare. 

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/london-broil/

NY Strip

This true American original has a robust flavor and is tender enough to simply sear to a perfect velvety pink.

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/ny-strip/


For steak lovers, this is the ultimate cut of beef. The cry-aging brings out a big flavor with lots of juicy tenderness. It’s actually two steaks in one, the buttery filet mignon on one side and the juicy, more flavorful shell steak (also known as a NY strip) on the other. The porterhouse is hard to beat grilled or broiled with very simple seasonings.

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/porterhouse/

Rib Eye Boneless

Super-velvety texture and intense flavor. This boneless steak is so flavorful and juicy. All it needs is a little salt and pepper and a quick broil. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth cut that real steak lovers relish.

Order Yours Today: https://south40beef.com/product/rib-eye-boneless/

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