ShopSuzyB is a fashion accessories company selling Suzy Shuze, Suzy Starz, and a new design - ScKappez. Suzy Shuze are repurposed high heels made to hold your rings or cell phone. Suzy Starz is a gift that will whisper to your heart and make it smile. Starz are harvested from the cottonwood tree twigs. Suzy cuts the naturally-formed star and places it in jewelry packaged with a summary of the Native American legend of how the start came to be. ScKappez are a cut, not sewn, piece of fabric which can be worn as a scarf, vest, cape, tunic or sarong.

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Susan Beehler

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ShopSuzyB started as Suzy Shuze-n-Starz. Suzy was selling rings at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot ND, looking for a unique way to display rings; Suzy took real high heel shoes stuffing them to display rings. Customers seen the display and wanted to purchase the shoe to organize their rings at home, so after hundreds of sales Suzy Shuze brand was created joining the Pride of Dakota family with her first Pride of Dakota showcase in Bismarck. Suzy then created Suzy Starz inspired by hearing Native American story teller Mary Louise Defender Wilson tell of a little star coming down from heaven to live in the cottonwood tree. Suzy takes the cottonwood tree twigs cutting them open to reveal the perfectly formed little star. Suzy Starz are sold in stores in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Indiana and Kansas. Suzy changed the name of her company from Suzy Shuze-n-Starz to ShopSuzyB to reflect the growth and addition of new innovative products. Suzy most recent design is a ScKappez.. a must have fashion accessory which can be worn as a scarf, vest, cape, tunic or sarong. ScKappez is a word Suzy came up with to call this fashion accessory. Sc stands for scarf, kappe is the Norwegian spelling of cape (Suzy's grandfather emigrated from Norway and made his home here in North Dakota) and the z is just because Suzy likes zzz's and who doesn't? ScKappez are sold at several stores in North Dakota and have been featured at the Minot HostFest through Home Sweet Home Gift Shop. An accessory for the ScKappez is the tie which can be used to stylize the ScKappez or any scarf. ShopSuzyB is available for retail at Pride of Dakota showcases,shops and boutique; retail and wholesale online at ShopSuzyB.com and Suzy Starz through Etsy. Follow ShopSuzyB on Facebook, twitter and instagram and SuzyStarz and ScKappez on Facebook.

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Digital Creator

Suzy is a digital creator ,  making videos and content for SistersoftheSpoon.comn and for the Facebook page CommunityCalendarND


A must have fashion accessory...a ScKappez. Wear it as a scarf, a cape, a vest, a tunic, or a sarong. Sckappez are one piece of fabric cut not sewn. Machine or hand washable hang dry. Fits Misses sizes Small to Women's 3x.  Cut for 5'3'' or taller.

Sckappez Tie is a fun way to embellish and stylize your Sckappez or any scarf.

Available at Pride of Dakota Holiday Showcases

Cenex Envision Cooperative Leeds North Dakota
Prairie Creek Gateway Fashion Mall Bismarck North Dakota
Eagles Nest Bookstore & Gifts Valley City North Dakota



Suzy Shuze

Suzy Shuze...... high heel shoe jewelry organizers and cell phone holders

Suzy Shuze can be used for displaying rings in your shop or home. Play music from a high heel shoe when using the Suzy Shuze Thingz holder.

The Bling and Thingz holders Shuze are real ladies high heels; repurposed to hold your rings or things like your cell phone, MP3 player,remote control, eye glasses, business cards or whatever things you would like to put in your Shuze.

Each Shuze Bling or Thingz comes with a bow and bag along with a clever little saying about Shuze - free with any Shuze Bling or Thingz purchase.

Suzy Starz

The secret of the cottonwood tree is the perfectly formed star which forms naturally in the cottonwood tree and is revealed when the twig is snapped or cut. Suzy captures these stars and places them in the jewelry she creates. Each piece of jewelry is packaged with this summary of the Native American Legend: "This little Star of mine is gonna shine" Share the Native American story as told by North Dakota Mary Louise Defender Wilson about a curious little star that hid in a cottonwood tree so it could always be near the people on earth and listen to their beautiful music, their laughter and the kind words they say to one another. These little "starz", which have fallen from the sky and landed beneath Suzy's cottonwood tree have been placed so they can be near your heart and continue to live on in these little gems sharing their little light no longer hidden in the tree but for all to see. (No trees were harmed in making this jewelry; the branches were naturally shed by the tree)

Do you have a boutique,shop or website? If you would like the wholesale code please email us suzyb@shopsuzyb.com. Many of the designs pictured are available at wholesale prices and for drop shipping. Do you have a charity or organization looking for a fundraiser? Starz are a great way to earn money for your organization. Email us for details suzyb@shopsuzyb.com.