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Sandy Blanes, author, is back in North Dakota after over 40 years residing stateside and abroad. Ms. Blanes writing expresses her state, national and international experiences first in her "Missile Kid" series and in her first picture book, "Where's MY Grandma?"

Book 1 "Missile Kids on the Road Again”, of this historical fiction series, depicts the life of the Boeing Missileer families who migrated throughout the Midwest to install the defense system. “Where’s MY Grandma?” is a family story from Brazil that focuses on how one little girl gets her very own grandmother.

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Sandy Blanes

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Sandy Blanes began writing and publishing through her company, BGI, Blanes Global Institute, years ago.  Sandy Blanes' return to North Dakota became the much-needed sabbatical that enabled Ms. Blanes to begin another chapter of writing from the heart. Her most recent book is focusing on helping to make “foster grandparenting” a reality. Her music ability and experience in workshop and public speaking make her a desirable speaker for events, schools, and signings. 


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The Missile Kids - On the Road Again - Bk. 1

The Missile Kids is a Historical Fiction Series for 3-6th graders that chronicles the 1960s, the years that the Missiles were being 'planted' in the Northern Central States. The 'Missile Kids' were the children of the Boeing Technicians and Engineers that completed the installation of the Minuteman I and II missiles delegated for defense during the Cold War in the 60s. The series of books follows one very big family along the route that took them to 6 states and 7 Airforce Bases during a period of 10 years. 

Ride along in their 1965 International Travelall, the only car big enough for 10, as they go through the states, changing school, homes and friends every year.

Where's MY Grandma?

A great book to read aloud for the whole family, Where's MY Grandma?, encourages foster grandparenting and proves that children can make their dreams come true. Invite Sandy Blanes for an interactive reading/workshop that features 1) achieving your dreams, 2) finding your own grandparent/grandchild, 3) learning about other languages and cultures, and that 4) Grandmas can do many things and are fun!

"Where's MY Grandma?" asked Jennie Bella.  Jennie Bella lived with her family far away from her grandparents.  Her brother and sisters didn't seem to mind, but Jennie Bella watched her friends and neighbors with their grandmothers and decided to change all that.  One day, Jennie Bella made up her very own crazy grandma, the best ever!

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