Olmstead Brothers LLP

We are two brothers, hailing from Fargo, ND. We love the arts: culinary, fine, musical, martial; you name it. It is our humble privilege to present to you our works. Granted, there isn’t much to offer you, at this point. Though please note that we have plenty more to come. We thoroughly appreciate your patronage and the time you took to indulge in the worlds we have had the pleasure of experiencing over the past few decades.

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Kyle Olmstead

6409 County Road 17 S
Horace, ND 58047-4900

Phone Number: (701) 367-8456



We have been active as an LLP since 2017.

We have published one novel through Amazon Publishing to date.

Member Since: 06/10/2019

Tales from Van'Tellus: A Tribute to Redemption
Superheroes of high-fantasy collide with sci-fi depth, in this page-turner.
Prepare yourself for amazing powers and action-packed fighting as our heroes discover the mysteries of the new world; uncovering new Tales from Van’Tellus! 

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