We started Leema Products LLC in late 2020 here in Bismarck, ND to introduce fresh spices, teas, and other accessories to our community. Currently we have about 12 varieties of single origin spices from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). We at Leema work directly with expert farmers to source highest quality, freshly harvested spices while paying an above-average market price for the farmers. Most of our spices are harvested from the forest gardens or wild harvested while preserving the biodiversity in the area. We're growing a better spice trade, equitably and deliciously, one spice at a time. Leema Ceylon cinnamon and Leema curry blends are few of our best sellers. Customers can purchase Leema spices in few local stores in Bismarck and via our website. We have free delivery around Bismack Mandan area and reduced priced delivery around North Dakota.

We want everyone to have access to freshly harvested, high quality spices as it will make a significant improvement in taste and aroma in any dish.

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Venori Habarakada Liyanage


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With our roots back in Sri Lanka, we always had access to fresh spices. Once my husband and I moved to the USA, we noticed that the spices we find in the market are not the same quality and the freshness that we used to have. After doing our research, we found that most spices available in market are on average 5+ years older.  We try to change that by sourcing the latest harvest, fresh spices from small farmers in Sri Lanka. We bypass all the brokers and middlemen and directly go to the farmers. We bring in the freshest spices from Asia and process and pack here in Bismarck, ND. Our top selling items are "Ceylon Cinnamon" which is known as True Cinnamon and Our Special Blend "Sri Lankan Curry Powder". We are passionate about the fresh flavorful spices as we grew up having them daily and would love to bring these amazing fresh spices to our community here in North Dakota.

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