Kate Gattey

Kate Gattey Art is acrylic and watercolor paintings. Hand painted animal and pet portraits in acrylics as well as watercolor family portraits, and children's images. Original large acrylic paintings are available for purchase and smaller prints come matted to frame.

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Kate Gattey

, ND

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History: I started painting for profit a couple of years after getting my BFA at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I've always sketched and painted 'silly' little images, but never thought to make them into prints to share until I received some requests for paintings made through friends and friends of friends. Eventually my inventory of digital images became large enough to put up an online store to keep selling. I attend as many local art events as I can afford to and produce new work constantly :).
Member Since: 08/09/2016

Custom Family Watercolor
Custom family watercolors from photographs! Sizes come in 5x7" or 8x10".

Llama Llama
Llama in exaggerated orange and browns, painted acrylic canvas. This is a mug shot portrait painting and digital inkjet print.

Salem Sue Cloud Watching
Salem Sue Cloud Watching with a little boy watercolor.

Siamese Cat
Siamese cat profile painted in exaggerated acrylics on canvas, also in digital inkjet print format.

Stag Painting
Acrylic painting in exaggerated colors of a mysterious and beautiful winter stag.

Young Superheros
Young superheros or boys dressed up as superheros watercolor!

Head on zebra in navy, painted in acrylic on canvas, also in digital inkjet prints.