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JD Silversmiths specializes in creating hand made double-sided coin rings. We use the 90% silver version of the state quarter to create our beautiful state quarter rings. We also create unique and beautiful rings from the U.S. Walking Liberty and Barber half dollars as well as the silver dollar. The detail of the coin is preserved on the outside and inside of our rings. On some of our rings we preserve the beautiful silver luster while on other rings we use patina to add color to the metal and then uncover the details of the ring with a process done by hand. To add variety, any of rings can be finished in 24k gold plate. We also have a selection of rings made from foreign coins as well as other jewelry and accessories created from coins such as necklaces, bracelets, and money clips.

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John Pretzer

1006 1st Ave N
Scranton, ND 58653-5323

Phone Number: (701) 523-6144

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JD Silversmiths is a family operation located in Scranton that began conducting business in July of 2015. The business began as a hobby and as the demand for double-sided rings grew the business was established. We have created many custom statehood quarter rings for many people from across the U.S.

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Coin Jewelry
Besides our coin rings, JD Silversmiths offeres a variety of other jewelry from our beautiful necklaces with sterling silver or gold plated necklaces and bezels that hold a silver coin to our money clips holding state quarters and half dollars. Our variety of items insures something unique for both him and her.

Half Dollar rings
The Walking Liberty half dollar is considered by many to be the most beautiful coin ever struck by the U.S. Treasury. It was issued from 1916-1947. The rising sun, the date of the coin, the words "Liberty" and "In God We Trust" as well as the head of Lady Liberty all appear on the coin ring. If you look inside the ring you will find detail from the reverse side of the coin. This ring is very much a customer favorite. For the more nostalgic buyer, we also offer rings created from the turn of the century Barber Half Dollar. Both rings are finished in either patina or the natural silver look.

Morgan Silver Dollar Rings
The Morgan Silver Dollar is a great piece of Americana. This coin is 90% silver and makes a beautiful ring that would soon become a family heirloom. All the detail of the coin is preserved on both the outside and inside of the ring. The ring consists of 3/4 ounce of silver and is offered in three unique finishes:  black patina, silver and 24k gold plated.

State Quarter Rings
Our beautiful State Quarter Rings are made from a 90% silver version of the state quarter. We offer these rings in sizes 4-12. We also offer three finish styles: silver, 24k gold plated, or patina.

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