Hvinden Publications (Nancy Hvinden DBA Hvinden Publications)

Hvinden Publications is a husband and wife team of author/writers and researchers who write and publish books on North Dakota churches, genealogy, history and sports. They do their own editing, layout and design from beginning to end.  They work through a Grand Forks business for printing what they don't do themselves.  Both Marlan L.  and Nancy Borgeson Hvinden are UND graduates.  Marlan is a former newspaper editor and county auditor.  In 1979 he was the first editor and a co-owner of DAKOTA COUNTRY magazine, a North Dakota Outdoor magazine.  Between them they have over 100 years of experience in researching and writing.

Our books are available directly from us as well as from selected retailers.

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Nancy Hvinden

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In 2009 Nancy Hvinden first used the title Hvinden Publishing for a family history book.  Since then she was written church histories and memoirs under this publishing title.  Marlan Hvinden has written sports history under it, and in 2018 a true account ND western history under the subtitle Old West Publishing, a division of Hvinden Publishing.

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