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Glass Bottle Chic hand cuts and hones glass bottles giving them a second life by turning them into unique gifts, home decor and 100% soy custom scented candles. Glass Bottle Chic has several bottles on hand, but we also enjoy cuttng customers special bottles to take them from being dust collectors to a one-of-a kind item worthy of being displayed, used or melted. By using a multi-step honing and polishing process each cut edge from Glass Bottle Chic has a drinking glass smooth finish. With over a 100 clean burning, phthalate-free scent oils in stock, we also offer individuals the ability to develop their own "signature" scent. "Signature" scents can be used in custom cut bottles for centerpieces at weddings, birthday parties, etc. We also custom pour "signature" scents into any candle safe vessel you would like.

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Nicole Leininger

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Glass Bottle Chic "officially" became a business in 2020 after we spent more than five years perfecting our cutting, honing and polishing process. What originally started as a "simple" idea to make homemade gifts for friends, turned into a "not so simple" idea after all. Never one to back down from a challenge, we have learned the ins and outs of playing with glass by trial and error, inquiries to experts and several shattered bottles. It has been a long, very curvy and sometimes bumpy road, but looking back at where we started and where we are today, it has been a very rewarding journey. We look forward to meeting new people and hearing more stories about all those "special" bottles that you have been saving with plans to do "something" with. Believe us, when we say, "we understand"! Since starting Glass Bottle Chic, we will never look at a bottle the same. We continue to be
amazed at how absolutely beautiful some bottles are that are simply tossed in the garbage once empty.

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