Gentle Winds Promotions LLC

Gentle Winds Promotions was formed to promote local music and art across the prairie. 

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Terri Aldrich

1528 20th Ave NW
Minot, ND 58703

Phone Number: (701) 240-7231


History: Incorporated in 2010, Gentle Winds Promotions was formed to promote local artists and live music. We have recently added the new children's book "The Hamster and the Firefly" written and illustrated by two Minot natives. 
Member Since: 10/17/2017

The Hamster and the Firefly

This is a delightful story that was originally written as a gift for author Aurora Rocket's mother. It is a story about friendship, life and the possibilities in each of us, illustrated with gorgeous artwork on each page. In it, an adventurous firefly meets a shy hamster. They form a fast friendship and by the end of the book, the hamster is inspired to create adventures of its own. This is a heartfelt tale that will inspire readers of all ages.
The reading level is anywhere from 3rd to 5th grade.