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We exist to create personal care that nourishes, honors and celebrates your body, exactly as it is. Personal care that doesn’t attempt to fix or transform you. We’re here to celebrate what others call flaws, blemishes and imperfections. And to nudge society's standards and beauty ideals to a more inclusive and honest place.

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Hannah Landry

2212 4th Ave SW
Minot, ND 58701

Phone Number: (701) 629-6810



The Boldest Co. started as a dream of a better future for our founder, Hannah Landry. Not just as a way to get out of a male dominated industry and workforce, but also to help women everywhere break free from society’s endless pressure. What if you could get everyday essentials and self care luxuries without feeling like a failure or like you are trying to live up to the patriarchy’s standards? What if you could have fun with the things that are normally mundane? What if you could give back to your community with your purchases, instead of giving more to a rich, white dude CEO? That’s how The Boldest Co was born. It took awhile for us to come out of our shell and unlearn the roles that have been ingrained into all women, but we are here now. We are going to keep fighting until every woman feels strong and confident to be their own bold, beautiful selves… without having to change anything about ourselves but a mindset! We started this journey just like you, slowly, and we know that not everything changes overnight, but with effort and determination we believe that we can really make an impact on the world around us.

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