Dakota Kid Snacks, Inc.

At Dakota Kid Snacks, Inc. we use the biggest sunflower seeds in the crop. Our BIG sunflower seeds are salted and then freshly roasted for your snacking enjoyment.

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Pam Aberle

2300 158th St NE
Menoken, ND 58558

Phone Number: (701) 955-5134

Fax Number: (701) 224-1757

History: Dakota Kid brand sunflower seeds have been around since 1977 and Jumboz brand was started in 2002.
Member Since: 02/03/2016

Dakota Kid Sunflower Seeds
Dakota Kid Roasted & Salted 5.25 oz Dakota Kid Roasted & Salted 16 oz

Jumboz Sunflower Seeds
Jumboz Roasted & Salted 5.25 oz Jumboz Roasted & Salted 14.5 oz Jumboz Sweet Chili 5.25 oz Jumboz Dill Pickle 5.25 oz