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Chelle Doll is a company that creates handmade jewelry, art (watercolor, alcohol ink and acrylic), one-of-a-kind custom gnomes made from recycled materials, florals, and concrete art and clay figures. Every piece is handmade with pure love and positive energy. Chelle wholesales her creations to boutiques, yoga studios and art studios. Chelle also does art classes for groups in homes or at events (clay, alcohol ink, acrylic pours, acrylic painting, floral arranging, etc.). She has taught many different things in over 78 US cities over the past 15 years, so it's guaranteed you'll be entertained when you take one of her classes.

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Chelle Doll

2114 Modesto Circle
Bismarck, ND 58504-7490

Phone Number: (701) 202-8642



Chelle Doll has been creating one-of-a-kind art for over three decades. Custom made jewelry, watercolor, alcohol ink and acrylic paint art, gnomes, florals, concrete art and clay creations have all been a part of her artistic past. Chelle recently began her company, Chelle Doll, to sell directly to the public and to wholesale to shops across the nation with her jewelry and art. Chelle enjoys being around people and helping them to see their creative side. Chelle has been a writer for the creative section of Be Magazine, taught art classes at Bismarck State College and does art classes for private parties/events for groups of up to 50.

Member Since: 11/06/2017

Custom made gnomes from recycled materials such as Crown Royal bags, vintage coats and fabric. Bison, NFL teams and more.

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