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A Dash of Fizz is a small bath-bomb company out of Burlington, ND. Bath-bombs are the main product and currently we have over 20 scents. The bath-bombs are made with only 6 ingredients, making them simple and not irritating to skin. My name is Alexis Lee, and I am the owner of the company. I don't have any employees and currently run the business out of my home. I like to participate in as many vendor and local events as possible, to get my product in the hands of my customers. We currently have a Facebook page that we accept orders from, and in the upcoming months I will be working on a website to make ordering even easier.

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Alexis Lee

3804 Grayson Dr
Burlington, ND 58722-9554

Phone Number: (701) 340-1585



My name is Alexis Lee, I am from Minot ND. In April of 2017, I started making bath-bombs out of my home. Once I posted the photos on Facebook I realized that many people were interested in buying my products. I spent many months working hard to make my bath-bombs something I was proud to sell. I have over 20 scents currently and am always growing and finding new colors and scent options. I really love being a local maker and all of the interaction i get with people from all over the state.

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Aloe Face Mists

These face mists come in four different kinds. Soothing, cooling, mint, and no scent. They are made from only 3 ingredients and are the perfect mixture to help calm skin with a very fine mist, and overall a feel good product. Recommended use is for the face after moisturizer is applied- let air dry.


I have over 20 bathbombs scents- all made with minimal ingredients and different colors and look to each.

Kid's Bombs

These are made the same as the regular bathbombs- with minimal ingredients and a different color and look to each. These bathbombs are smaller than the regular bombs and  have a surprise diamond in the middle.

Lip Scrubs

These lip scrubs come in a few flavors and are used to plump and smooth the lips. They are made with only 3 ingredients.

Powder Fizz Jars

Instead of using an entire bathbomb for one bath you can use the powder fizz to sprinkle in as much as you like. These jars are one scent option, or two for a swirled look. They are all made with minimal ingredients and the exact same ingredients as the bathbombs. This is just the loose powder, not compacted into a bathbomb.

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