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We provide handmade artisan goats milk soap with less than 10 ingredients. No artificial colorants or additional irritants, just a beautiful , creamy, handcrafted bar of soap!!!
they come in many different scents, or we also provide unscented soap as well, in case you have a loved one who may have a sensitivity. 
we have soap bars available for sale, or we also may accept custom soap orders.

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Sunni Benson

5301 125th St SE
Minot, ND 58701

Phone Number: (701) 509-1933



My husband and I purchased a hobby farm back in 2014 containing roughly 12 acres of land which desperately needed some attention. The yard , pens, and small pastures were covered in thistle, and I had the brilliant idea to bring home some dairy goats. They quickly took care of our weed problem and our love for them grew. Pretty soon I learned all the great things you can do with a dairy goat and their milk and hence I started soaping. I loved the products and everything that my goats do for our family. I started sharing our soap with friends and family and it quickly grew and with some encouragement I now want to share it with even more people and hope to reach them by joining Pride of Dakota.

Member Since: 05/21/2018

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