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Western Legacy creates custom, handmade, one-of-a-kind leather items with a purpose and meaning behind them. No two pieces are ever the same. Each piece has its own individuality, just like the person who buys it. Each of us are unique, artistic creations in our own right, just like each of the products I create.

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Jacinda Hestekin

13902 86th St SW
Bowman, ND 13902 86th St SW

Phone Number:701-275-6269


History: Western Legacy is a company started from a heart-filled desire to create something that will touch someone's life for the better. Western Legacy grew out of my Balanced Equine business. Balanced Equine was about making horses', and their owners', lives better and safer by removing internal musculoskeletal issues from the equitation. Through the finances of one company came the life of the second company.
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