The Memory Preserve

The Memory Preserve produces videos that draw on viewers'  feelings and emotions, give hope for the future as well as feelings of nostalgia. 

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Shari Huettl

5714 Country Creek Dr
Bismarck, ND 58503

Phone Number: (701) 400-1258

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After producing a documentary about her mom for her family, Shari Huettl was inspired to start her own business. In 2003, she created The Memory Preserve. Using her Mass Communications bachelor of science degree, knowledge, experience, and passion for preserving stories, Shari started helping individuals and families preserve their history and memories on video. Families are able to preserve stories told by Grandma and Grandpa, or other family members and friends, for future generations. Shari says, "These stories are inspirational and I am lucky to have the opportunity to listen and learn from them."

Shari has been a Certified Legal Video Specialist, (CLVS) for almost 20 years. She is committed to providing professional and reliable video services to the legal community.

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