Sticks and Stones by Keri LLC

I design and create unique pieces of jewelry using precious and semi-previous gemstones and petrified wood.  Using a technique called wire weaving, each stone is perfectly cradled and made into a one of a kind pendant.  A good portion of my business is doing custom work for individuals that want a trendsetting stylish piece of jewelry added to their collection, at an affordable price.  I also make drawer pulls and  crosses with my larger stones and petrified wood slabs!  They add some natural beauty to your home decor!

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Keri Sipma

920 4th Ave NW
Minot, ND 58703-3056

Phone Number: (701) 721-7281

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What started as a love for geology and crafting in general, has grown into my very own business.  Although Sticks and Stones by Keri LLC is still very much in its infancy, I hope to one day have a store front in the Magic City of Minot, ND.  

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