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Sleep On Mattress is a locally owned mattress store in Bismarck. We sell all types of mattresses that are manufactured in North Dakota, custom made pillows, and other sleep related products. Our custom made pillows are made in store and can be made from 5 different materials. The pillow materials consist of memory foam, latex, buckwheat, goose down, and poly foam. Since our pillows are made in store they come with a 5 year adjustment and refluff guarantee. This allows customers to come back and have their pillow adjusted or refluffed at any time.

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Robert Mitzel

2700 State St Ste F4
Bismarck, ND 58503-0669

Phone Number: (701) 751-1891

Cell Phone Number: (701) 220-3407



We founded our company as Fundamental Furniture in 2014 and originally opened with furniture and mattresses. We quickly found a strong need for mattresses and transitioned to an all mattress store focusing on our ND made brand of mattresses. In 2016 we had to relocate our business to the north side of Bismarck and decided to rebrand ourselves to Sleep On Mattress at that time. With our move we expanded our mattress selection and brought in our Fill Station Pillow Kiosk, which allowed us to custom make pillows in store. 

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