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Rogue Candies is a Fargo, ND based business that primarily focuses on homemade caramels.  All of our production is done by hand whether it is the stirring, cutting, wrapping, or packaging! We currently offer a variety of flavors incorporating local high-quality ingredients; these include but are not limited to our Signature Vanilla, Sea Salt, Swamp Monster, Coffee, and Honey Sunflower. There are also seasonal favorites such as Pumpkin Spice in the fall along with Gingerbread and Hot Cocoa in the winter. Throughout the year we will offer other goodies that can be found at farmers markets throughout North Dakota such as Caramel Apples and much more! 

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Jeremy Schwarzrock

1455 32nd St S
Fargo, ND 58109-6482

Phone Number: (701) 893-5883

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Rogue Candies was founded in 2016 by us, the owners Jeremy and Ariel Schwarzrock.  At the time we were dating and had a wild idea that having a candy and coffee business would be fun!  We love making goodies and sharing them, so why not do it professionally? Jeremy loves roasting his own coffee from green beans and it has been a tradition in Ariel's family to make caramels at Christmas time to share with relatives and teachers.  Those who had the pleasure of sharing in our treats with us always raved how excited they were for the holidays to roll around so that they would have a taste of the delectable caramels.  We even had friends who would tell us of how they rationed their last 12 caramels in the freezer and took one out each month just to last them the year!  We started out with our Signature Vanilla Caramel family recipe and stars in our eyes, today we are married and have 13 additional caramel flavors and counting!

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