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Welcome to PurkeyTile Designs! I specialize in glitter tumblers as well as wooden wall art! I love coming up with new ideas and to make regular drinking tumblers stand out in a crowd. I also love to help make your house a home with wooden wall art and signs.

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Amber Melzer

110 Cady St
Dwight, ND 58075-8000

Phone Number: (218) 443-6351



Hi, I am Amber and the owner of PurkeyTile Designs. PurkeyTile Designs started in my garage a few years ago when I suddenly became a single mom to 4 girls and I needed to make ends meet now on my single income. I was working in the healthcare industry as a Medical Assistant which I love but it wasn’t getting all the bills paid. I saw someone making scrabble tiles and I loved them, so I started making and selling scrabble tiles out of my garage. I instantly fell in love with the wood work and the creativity of it all so then scrabble tiles turned into making wooden signs. I was always looking for something new to create, after about a year of making the wooden wall art I found and fell in love with glitter tumblers and they have now become my biggest seller. I started researching how to make them and got everything figured out. After about 6 months of selling glitter tumblers I was able to quit my full-time job and be able to be home for my girls if they needed a sick day or had an appointment! All 4 of my girls love to help me in the shop, whether it be painting signs or picking glitter colors. 

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