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I Crochet hats for children and adults. I also love to make salsa, jelly and pies out of chokecherries and Juneberries picked locally. I make homemade caramel corn and caramel rolls.

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Patricia Sorum

5436 67th Ave NE
Churchs Ferry, ND 58325

Phone Number: (701) 570-2699

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My oldest daughter became sick with a disease called Huntington's Chorea. I chose to quit my job and stay home to take care of her. I crochet hats while I am sitting with her. She used to love to bake when she was well so we bake together now. Jamie reads the recipe and I follow the instructions. This is a fun hobby for us to do together. I sell my hats and wares at the Pride of Dakota. Jamie comes with as a fun outing. 

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