Papa Gnome's Magical Mirror Tree Stump Home

Papa Gnome's Magical Mirror Tree Stump, tells the story of Papa Gnome finding a home to be happy in.  He travels from the old country to America to find happiness thru his dreams and to share with others that dreams can come true.  The fictional children's story is more real to young readers, because of a real tree stump designed into a children's reading center in a small town of Surrey, ND. Dreams are for bringing happiness, laughter, and adventure to children that are not so fortunate in far-away countries.  Dreams have many memories for all ages to share. My dream came true in sharing this story thru imagination and encouraging young readers dreams can take you many places in life.        

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Connie Tollefson

518 1st. Ave. S. W. Po. Box 66
Surrey, ND 58785

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Author, Connie Tollefson
Author, Connie Tollefson

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